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By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

ISBN-10: 0880505117

ISBN-13: 9780880505116

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The more civilized a country is, the more is the feeling of meaninglessness. The backward countries still don't have that feeling, they can't have. To have that feeling of inner emptiness, meaninglessness, absurdity, one has to become very civilized. Hence I am all in favor of science, because it helps the fish to be thrown on the shore. And once on the hot shore, in the hot sand, the fish starts feeling thirsty. It had never felt thirsty before. For the first time it misses the ocean around, the coolness, the life-giving waters.

ALL Gods are false. They are bound to be false because they are answers to certain questions -- and questions are false, questioning is false, and the Gods are answers to certain questions. " Now that question becomes a thorn in the flesh; the mind cannot rest at ease unless an answer is found. You have to invent an answer just to console yourself. " The question was false -- how can a false question lead to a right answer? The very premise was false, hence the conclusion is false. " Then we immediately hush them up.

And the day you start living life as a mystery you have entered into God. Life understood as a question creates science; life understood as a mystery creates religion. And you say: ONLY THE ANSWERLESS QUESTION OF LIFE REMAINS. If it is answerless, how can it be a question? A question Is always a question in reference to an answer; an answer is only an answer in reference to a question. They are together, halves of one whole. If one REALLY disappears, the other disappears automatically. That's why I say there is a lurking doubt in you: "Maybe there is some question which is NOT pointless.

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