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This short offers a brand new manner of introducing relativity idea, during which confusing relativistic results equivalent to time dilation and Lorentz contraction are defined sooner than the dialogue of Lorentz-transformation. The thought of relativistic mass is proven to contradict the spirit of relativity concept and the genuine importance of the mass-energy relation is contrasted with the preferred view of it. the writer discusses the dual paradox from the viewpoint of either siblings. final yet now not least, the basics of basic relativity are defined, together with the hot Gravity Probe B experiment.

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Internal combustion engines utilize the rest energy of their fuel but, in spite of the considerable amount of energy they provide, the corresponding decrease in their mass is absolutely negligible. Since Newtonian physics is the generalization of macroscopic experience, mass conservation rightly became one of its fundamental 26 1 From Time Dilation to E0 = mc2 postulates. g. the electric charge which is a law of universal validity. 12 The Popular View on the Mass–Energy Relation The common view on the mass–energy relation is quite different from that outlined in the last two sections.

On Fig. 5 the spacetime diagram of the scenario is shown for two special values of v: on Fig. 5a v = c and on Fig. 5b v ¼ 1: When v = c the trajectories of the projectiles make an angle 45° with the ct-axis and the time sequence of the events is the natural one. It is the more so the smaller the velocity v is. On Fig. 5b both the pairs E1 ; E2 and E2 ; E3 are simultaneous but with respect to different inertial frames: the trajectory E1 À! E2 is parallel to the x-axis, while the trajectory E2 À!

The imaginary experiment with the rotating particles on Fig. 5a has originally been devised in the hope to prove the reality of velocity dependent mass. But the experiment demonstrates only that the rotation of the particles makes the weight of the box greater. Mass–energy relation attributes this growth in weight to the increase of the internal energy of the box, while its popular interpretation ascribes it to the increase of the masses of the particles. The difference is subtle but can be unambiguously settled if other versions of the experiment are also invoked.

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