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On the Hive front via H. STORCH. remark guide. "How to grasp what occurs contained in the hive by means of statement at the open air" English model. you might have considered trying to additionally think about the ebook referred to as "Nine Lectures on Bees" via Rudolf Steiner.

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On the alighting board of The house bees are here already removing from the strong colonies one often sees foragers the nectar that the latter have collected. Norbees on the days of the main mally this exchange takes place within the hive. honey flow, with their tongues hanging, welcoming the foragers who return laden with honey. 38 Observation Explanation On a day of main flow, there is a great deal of trafficking between the alighting boards of two neighbouring colonies; it takes place directly between the hive fronts but can also take place along more complicated routes.

This means of protection proves far more effective than a pane of glass positioned in the same place. 56 Photograph 8 Protection of the hive entrance During the winter months, beekeepers protect their colonies against the wind as well as the sun in many different ways. The above photograph shows a hive bearing a characteristic decoration and an entrance protected by a plank with a small opening for the purpose of aeration. 57 Ex planation Observation 4. November. If in November there are still a few days of good weather some colonies make the most of this opportunity to bring in a lot of pollen.

As sqon as a forager, looking for nectar enters the flower, it comes into con shape ''horns''. tact with two stickly pollen sacs which stick to its head. On leaving the flower the bee pulls off these two club-shaped sacs from the flower and they remain stuck to the bees head like two horns. During the flight towards another flower these horns bend down and end up at the same height as the equally sticky pistil. If they remain attached to the latter ferti lization of the flower is achieved. If they do no detach themselves from the bees head the bee car then fly for whole days with these accoutrements.

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