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By Robert R. Shannon and James C. Wynant

ISBN-10: 0124086101

ISBN-13: 9780124086104

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41) will be non zero. As an example, in glass, Jfree = 0 and ∇ · P = 0, but ∂2 P ∂t 2 = 0 since the medium polarization responds to the light field, giving rise to refractive index (discussed in chapter 2). 40). 6). However, the two waves are not independent. The fields for E and B must be chosen to be consistent with each other through Maxwell’s equations. 36). 42)). Moreover, since the differential equation is linear, any number of solutions can be added together to create other valid solutions.

What speed of light would one deduce from that value? Ole Roemer (1644–1710, Danish) was a man of many interests. ). Scientists initially became interested in Io’s orbit because its eclipse (when it went behind Jupiter) was an event that could be seen from many places on earth. By comparing accurate measurements of the local time when Io was eclipsed by Jupiter at two remote places on earth, scientists in the 1600s were able to determine the longitude difference between the two places. e. ∇ · P = 0), the polarization can often be written as function of the electric field: P = 0 χ (E ) E, where χ (E ) = χ1 + χ2 E + χ3 E 2 · · · .

When ∇ · P is zero, there are equal numbers of positive and negative charges touching S from within, as depicted in Fig. 7. When ∇ · P is not zero, the positive and negative charges touching S are not balanced, as depicted in Fig. 8. 7 The Wave Equation When Maxwell unified electromagnetic theory, he immediately noticed that waves are solutions to this set of equations. In fact his desire to find a set of equations that allowed for waves aided his effort to find the correct equations. After all, it was already known that light traveled as waves.

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