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By L. Schimansky-geier, B. Fiedler, J. Kurths, E. Scholl


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Nonlinear dynamics of complicated procedures is an lively learn box with huge numbers of courses in simple examine, and large purposes from diversified fields of technological know-how. Nonlinear dynamics as manifested via deterministic and stochastic evolution versions of complicated habit has entered statistical physics, actual chemistry, biophysics, geophysics, astrophysics, theoretical ecology, semiconductor physics and -optics, and so on. This box of analysis has caused a brand new terminology in technological know-how attached with new questions, difficulties, ideas and strategies. New situations have emerged for spatio-temporal constructions in dynamical structures faraway from equilibrium. Their research and attainable keep watch over are interesting and not easy elements of the present study. The duality of primary and utilized learn is a focus of its major attractivity and fascination. simple issues and foundations are consistently associated with concrete and particular examples. versions and measurements of advanced nonlinear techniques evoke and impress new primary questions that diversify and expand the mathematical ideas and instruments. In go back, new mathematical ways to modeling and research magnify the scope and potency of utilized learn.

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Under constant illumination 10no wave nucleation occurs, but the medium can support excitation waves. te t,owards the surrounding medium maintained a t high light intensity. The system is excitable a t light intensity 10+ A 1 and supports traveling patters. In case of dichotomous fluctuating light, nucleations occur randomly. The regularity of these phenomena is measured recording the activity at a given point of the gel. In this way we get a series of noise-induced nucleations at random time intervals, see data reported in Fig.

Lo5 I Fig. 3. The output z ( t ) of a bistable system as described by eq. 025. The reduced two state description is illustrated by the gray line: s ( t ) 0. 50 T . Prager and L . Schimansky-Geier In order to simplify the description of this system one neglects the fast dynamics in the potential wells and considers only the transitions from one well to the other which happen on a much slower time scale. Under the assumption that the potential barrier AU between the two wells is large compared t o the noise strength D and the relaxation in the wells is fast compared to the time scale of the jumps between the wells, the transitions can be considered as a rate process.

4] M. Bar, M. Eiswirth, H. H. Rotermund, and G. Ertl. Solitary wave phenomena in an excitable surface reaction. Physical Review Letters, 69:945-948, 1992. [5] V. Beato and H. Engel. Coherence resonance phenomena in an excitable system driven by colored noise. Fluct. , 6:L85-L94, 2006. [6] V. Beato, H. Engel, and L. Schimansky-Geier. Pulse trains propagating through excitable media subjected to external noise. 2006. submitted to PRE. [7] V. Beato, I. Sendifia-Nadal, I. Gerdes, and H. Engel. Noise-induced wave nucleations in an excitable chemical reaction.

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