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By Gilian West

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For lecturers, this guide presents a method of introducing Shakespeare to scholars who're now not but able to take on a complete play and, even as, makes use of Shakespeare as a resource for figuring out the historical past of language. all the scenes during this assortment (encompassing romance, conflict, slapstick and horror) is a quick, self sufficient drama, and is by means of a collection of questions about matters raised and the language used. The paintings deals feedback for literary and theatrical useful work.>

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What does Shakespeare gain by setting this scene on the castle walls? 2. What is it in the language of Richard's first speech that makes him sound so regal there? 3. Show how Shakespeare re-arranges normal word-order in Northumberland's first speech. 4. Aumerle wants Richard to use 'gentle words'. Does he? 5. ' Is this line what we expect for the climax to the speech? 6. To Northumberland, Richard sounds 'like a frantic man'. How far would you agree? 7. Why does Shakespeare give Bolingbroke so little to say?

E. devices for elevating the style) used in this scene are the rhetorical question (a question that does not require an answer) and the paradox (a statement that conflicts with what seems reasonable or possible). How do these two devices heighten the emotional power of the scene? 4. 'if I be slain' 'if Death be so apparent' What have these two clauses in common that causes Shakespeare to use 'be' rather than 'am' or 'is'? 5. Most of this scene is written in 'rhyming couplets', that is, in pairs of lines.

By my troth, I was not there. Death is certain. Is old Double of your town living yet? Dead, sir. Jesu, Jesu, dead! 'A drew a good bow; and dead! 'A shot a fine shoot. John a Gaunt loved him well, and betted much money on his head. Dead! 'A would have clapp'd i' th' clout at twelve score, and carried you a forehand shaft a fourteen and a fourteen and a half, that it would have done a man's heart good to see. How a score of ewes now? Thereafter as they be - a score of good ewes may be worth ten pounds.

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