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By Patrick Tilley

ISBN-10: 0727812262

ISBN-13: 9780727812261

First released in 1985 and now reissued. Set in the world within the aftermath of a nuclear conflict, a neighborhood of underground army body of workers release a lone flier into the overground international ruled via adverse, radiation-mutated people. The process those activities seem set to figure out the way forward for humanity.

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The only one he knew of at Roosevelt Field was the freight ramp coming up out of the Trans-Am station under New Deal Plaza. Since he was due to ride the shuttle from there to Grand Central, it seemed the most logical place to have taken him to. The door opened and closed. Someone paused behind him, placed a hand briefly on his shoulder then walked past and went behind the desk. Steve took one look at him and closed his eyes with a feeling of relief. It was Bart Bradlee, State Provost-Marshal of New Mexico, dressed in his spotless white uniform - the antithesis of Steve's black cee-bee fatigues - decked out with gold braid and dark blue rank insignia.

You know what devious bastards those Provost-Marshals are. They've got guys back at GC who do nothing else but dream up stings like this. " Deke wavered on his crippled leg then drew himself up straight. " Anderssen waved him down. 'Relax. I'm talking about the tape. I don't want you struck off the roster. Shit... " She handed the video cassette to Deke. 'It may be marked in some way, so this is the one that has to go back. Clean everything off it except the sound track. And wipe my prints off the case.

She eyed Deke and shook her head. " She opened a drawer, took out the code-breaking cassette and laid it on the desk. " 'No one, ma'am. I found the track by accident on a brand-new, unused videotape. We always run our own quality check by doing what we call a reel-to-reel scan before using 'em in the tower. This one was part of a consignment that was shipped in from Grand Central last July. They come as sealed packs of ten, one hundred to a box. The stores issued me with ten - I broke open the wrapper myself.

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