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By B. Loewe (ed.)

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This quantity is either a tribute to Ulrich Felgner's study in algebra, common sense, and set concept and a powerful study contribution to those parts. Felgner's former scholars, acquaintances and collaborators have contributed 16 papers to this quantity that spotlight the team spirit of those 3 fields within the spirit of Ulrich Felgner's personal study. The reader will locate first-class unique examine surveys and papers that span the sector from set thought with no the axiom of selection through model-theoretic algebra to the maths of intonation.

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The solution x = stable as t +x 0 of Eq. ,N+1. is asymptotically 1. 26) x'(t) = Ax(t) + Aox([t]) + Aix([t — 1]), x(O) = co x(—1) = c1, in which A, A0, A1 are r x r-matrices and x is an r-vector, let designate the solution of Eq. 26) on [n, n+ 1) satisfying the conditions x(n — 1) = x(n) = c,,. 27) = B0 = eA + (eA B1 = — Looking for a nonzero solution = conclude that satisfies the equation det(A21 — (eA — I)A—1A1. 29) 0. Assuming that these which has 2r nontrivial solutions if det B1 roots are simple we write the general solution of Eq.

Is, b2 If 1 — b0 — b1 > —1 — b0 + b1, then b1 < 1. In this case, a sufficient condition of asymptotic stability is b0+b1+b2>1, b1<1 which, in terms of the coefficients a3, coincides with hypothesis (i). If 1— b0 — b1 < —1 — b0 + b1, then b1 > 1, and (ii) follows from the inequalities b1>1, —b0+b1—b2 0, b2 < 0 is treated similarly. 31. The solution x = 0 of the equation x'(t) = ax(t) + a_ix([t — 1]) + aox([t]) + aix([t + 1]) is asymptotically stable if (a1 1)a_i <0 — and either of the following hypotheses is satisfied: (i) (ii) (a+ao+ai+a_i)(ao+ aea ea — 1 ) a(ea+1)\ \I f ea_1 ) where the first factors in (i) and (ii) retain the sign of a1 — a(e" — 1)_i.

U 2. 20) i=o with constant coefficients on the interval n < t < n + 1. If the initial 0 < i N, then we have conditions for Eq. 20) are — i) = the equation N x,(t) = +> i=o the general solution of which is N = a — 0. ,N. 2. 22) i=O where b2 = = m(1). 23) i=o If all roots A1, A2,... of Eq. 24) with arbitrary constant coefficients, and the initial-value problem for Eq. 20) may be posed at any N + 1 consecutive points. Thus we consider the existence and uniqueness of the solution to Eq. 20) for t> 0 satisfying the conditions x(i) = = c2, i = 0, —1,...

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