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Damaged vows do not unavoidably suggest a damaged marriage...Angie de Calvhos intended each be aware of the vows she shared with husband Roque on the altar. Pity he did not go back her sincerity...Expecting happy-ever-after, as an alternative Angie came across herself facing a mortifyingly public separation! Now, divorce papers in hand, Angie has ultimately equipped up the braveness to place an finish to her time as a de Calvhos spouse as soon as and for all. yet she's forgotten the magnetic pull that devilish Roque possesses. And that damaged vows do not inevitably suggest a damaged marriage...

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It was just the way things had to be. Teenagers by reputation were rebellious and pushy and difficult. And, okay, so Alex had played up to Roque’s often stinging criticism of him, she conceded, but even that did not change the unalterable fact that standing between the two of them had made her marriage a year-long exhausting fight. ‘Please listen to me …’ Angie lowered her stubborn guard because she knew that she had to, her voice trembling as she did so. ’ He turned around again, and the moment she looked into his face she felt a wave of sick apprehension riddle her stomach.

If I uttered a complaint you went off the deep end. If I offered advice you threw it back in my face. ’ Reaching over, he drew the dossier back to his side of the desk. ’ The way he stabbed a long finger at the damning bank statements made Angie blink and her eyes started to sting. ‘But—but you know I will get you the money,’ she choked in confusion. ’ she insisted. ‘My credit card! My name on the bills! I know you can’t have a leg to stand on. ’ Angie went in for the kill, because she had nothing else left to fight him with.

Every muscle he possessed went on alert, ready to catch her when she attacked. The inside of his mouth moistened in anticipation, his lips filling with warm pulsing blood. He watched her take a step towards him, sensational in anger, so beautiful to look at, and so much his woman he— Then he saw her remember, watched her eyes darken and her flushed cheeks wash white. In an abrupt movement she spun back round to face the desk again. Disappointment grabbed at every alerted instinct inside him and closed them all down into a single tight clench.

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