Advances in Mesopotamian Medicine from Hammurabi to - download pdf or read online

By Attia, A.; Buisson. G. (ed.)

ISBN-10: 9004178767

ISBN-13: 9789004178762

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The medical model to which these developments have been assimilated is the model of biological medicine, the so-called biomedical model. The metaphysical foundations of this model derive from a concept of science and scientific explanation whose roots can be traced to the seventeenth-century scientific revolution, and they comprise what I just alluded to as the Enlightenment or modern thought world. This is the world described in E. A. Burtt’s classic, The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical Science (1924), a world composed of independently existing fundamental units that are not influenced by mental processes or by nonsubstantive factors such as information or ideas.

Textbook writers are caught between a rock, medical science, and a hard place, materialistic or behavioristic metaphysics. Little wonder they summarily pass on to the business at hand, pathophysiologic business. 1 Coupled with the voluminous amount of information typically stored in medical textbooks (Guyton’s text runs to 1,079 pages), there is little inclination and less time to step back and reexamine the response of one’s profession to this fundamental question: Are we really automatons? Further, who is to conduct this reexamination?

First is the question: What is the experimental evidence for an alternative (or successor) model of medical science? Inasmuch as the answer to this question turns on findings that involve the patient’s subjective participation in the healing process, there is a second related question: How can the objective language of science accommodate the subjectivity evidently inherent in both pathogenesis and healing? These represent different levels of questions. While one question moves at the level of experimental evidence, the other moves at the level of science criticism and leads to questions of the conceptual foundations of medical science.

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Advances in Mesopotamian Medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates by Attia, A.; Buisson. G. (ed.)

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