New PDF release: A Family Venture: Men and Women on the Southern Frontier

By Joan E. Cashin

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ISBN-13: 9781423763765

This e-book is set the several ways in which women and men skilled migration from the Southern seaboard to the antebellum Southern frontier. established upon huge examine in planter relatives papers, Cashin reports how the sexes went to the frontier with diverging agendas: males attempted to flee the kinfolk, whereas ladies attempted to maintain it. at the frontier, males often settled faraway from kin, leaving ladies lonely and disoriented in an odd atmosphere. As kinship networks broke down, intercourse roles replaced, and family members among women and men grew to become extra inequitable. Migration additionally replaced race family, simply because many males deserted paternalistic race kinfolk and abused their slaves. in spite of the fact that, many girls endured to perform paternalism, and some even sympathized with slaves as they by no means had prior to. Drawing on wealthy archival resources, Cashin examines the choice of households emigrate, the consequences of migration on planter kin lifestyles, and how outdated ties have been maintained and new ones shaped.

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19 It seemed much more sensible for a son to stay at home. A father would probably pay less for a cotton plantation and slave force in the seaboard—although once again, prices varied—and he would be spared the other expenses of establishing a new concern on the frontier. He could also monitor his son's management of any resources he gave him and benefit in his old age from his son's support. Historians estimate that a nineteenth-century father began to receive a return on his financial "investment" in raising a son when the child reached age twenty-seven.

Gave about eleven slaves each to his sons John and Richard but apparently decided later to deduct the equivalent sums from their inheritance. 28 A more interesting minority helped their sons with little or no expectation of repayment. North Carolinian William Lea provided generously for all of his sons throughout his life, giving or lending them thousands of dollars' worth of property whether they settled in North Carolina or fanned out across the Southwest. When Andrew P. Calhoun wanted to leave South Carolina for Alabama in 1838, his father John C.

40 Some young men shared the feelings of the South Carolinian who denounced the "tyranny" of parents who interfered with courtships, but they had to accept this despotism if they wanted the security older men could provide. This was how the pact between generations of men worked: young men who bided their time, respected their elders, and served the family would be taken care of, as Kimbrough DuBose discovered. He felt trapped by obligations to his kinfolk, but when debts brought him to the edge of ruin, his relatives saved him, buying his slaves at auction and giving him a plantation to live on free of charge while he recouped financially.

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