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This publication is an off-the-cuff and readable creation to raised algebra on the post-calculus point. The techniques of ring and box are brought via learn of the popular examples of the integers and polynomials. the recent examples and thought are in-built a well-motivated model and made proper by means of many purposes - to cryptography, coding, integration, background of arithmetic, and particularly to simple and computational quantity idea. The later chapters comprise expositions of Rabiin's probabilistic primality try, quadratic reciprocity, and the class of finite fields. Over 900 routines are discovered through the book.

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Iran' 1 (mod 11), so 10' == (-1)' (mod 11). D 51 D More Properties of Congruence Fact. 7 (resp. 11, 13) divides a if 7 (resp. II, 13) divides (a2alaO)IO(a 5a4a3)10 + (a 8a7 a6 )10 - • •• • Write a in base 1000. If a is in base 10 this is very easy! Then + bm_II()()()"'-1 + ... + b l 1000 + boo Now 7· 11 . 13 = 1000 + 1. So 1000 == - 1 (mod 7), and also (mod 11) and (mod 13). Thus bm1000" + bm_ I 1()()()"'-1 + ... + b l 1000 + bo == (- lrbm+ (- Ir-Ibm_1 + ... + b2 - b l + bo (mod c), where c = 7, 11, or 13.

Is (332, 587, 399, 817, 443)12 divisible by (1l)1O? D. More Properties of Congruence The properties (i)-(iii) show that congruence to a fixed modulus m is much like equality, except for cancelling; in this section we list properties which relate congruences to different moduli, and describe how to cancel. (iv) If a ==b (mod m) and d divides m, then a ==b (mod d). We already used this property in discussing the divisibility test for 7, 11, and 13, for we observed that if a ==b (mod 1(01) then a ==b (mod 7) since 7 divides 1001.

E29. Prove: If d=(a, b), then {ax + bylx,y in Z} = {zdlz in Z}. E30. If (a, b) = 8, what are the possible values of (a 3, b4)? E31. If (a, b) = p3,p prime, what is (a 2, b2)? E32. Prove by induction that if a prime number p divides a)· a2 ... an> then p must divide one of the factors aj. E33. Show v'IOOO is irrational. Definition. The least common multiple of two numbers a and b is the smallest number which is a common multiple of a and of b. More precisely, m is the least common multiple of a and b if (I) aim and blm, and (2) if air and blr, then m ~ r.

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