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By Donald B. DeYoung

Not anything captures the eye of children (and adults) like an inventive item lesson. This hands-on booklet offers pastors, academics, audio system, and homeschoolers seventy seven fascinating technological know-how actions that demonstrate the order and grandeur of construction and inspire an appreciation of all God has made. those effortless experiments illustrate the legislation of nature, educate Bible rules, and verify God's strength as author. With catchy or unforeseen effects, the demonstrations make Bible fact unforgettable. The essentially defined experiments use universal loved ones gadgets, require little setup, and are illustrated with images and diagrams.

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Instead of abuse, Genesis 1:28 commands us to help the earth prosper so that it may continue to display God’s glory and artistry. Science Activity The earth’s basic materials can be placed into useful categories. These include many liquid chemicals that can be classified as either acids or bases. The acids contain hydrogen and are able to neutralize bases. The bases often feel slippery or soapy; they react with acids to form salts. In the laboratory, various indicators or electronic instruments are used to test liquids to determine their acid or base nature.

Science Activity A rainbow appears when sunlight is dispersed into its many component colors by water droplets in the sky. These rainbow colors always have the same order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. “Roy G. Biv” is a useful mnemonic for the order of colors. When rays of colored light overlap, the familiar white light appears. White light divides into bright colors when it reflects from a CD or DVD disc. Most of us have seen a rainbow form in the spray from a fountain or water hose on a sunny day.

We can create a similar tool by stretching a wide rubber band along the length of a pen or pencil. Then stroke the cardboard lightly and repeatedly with the rubber band in a downward direction. This takes some practice, but the cardboard should soon begin to vibrate at various points on its surface. Notice how the grains “dance” up and down on the cardboard surface at the locations of maximum vibration. Elsewhere, in quiet areas, the grains will accumulate. The vibration moves from the rubber band to the cardboard, then to the particles themselves.

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