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Energy is released more slowly and over a longer period of time from complex carbohydrates than simple (refined) carbohydrates. from A fresh apple will provide sustained energy for about 4 hours; apple sauce will provide a quicker, higher rise in energy, but for a shorter time; apple juice will give a quick, high rise in energy, that will also drop quickly (in about two hours) to a lower level. As complex carbohydrates provide sustaining energy they are a great help to those who have fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Water absorbs more heat w h e n heated than any other substance. For example, it takes much more heat t o in raise a pound of water 1 o temperature than it takes to r a i s e in one pound of copper 1o temperature. This property m a k e s water an excellent agent for modifying the local or general temperature of the body. Although water is not the b e s t conductor of heat or cold, it does s o much more readily than air. A person does not experience much discomfort in stepping outdoors when the o above zero; temperature is 40 however, to dive into a pool of 40 o water would be a shocking, a n d uncomfortable, experience.

Muscles of motion use bones as levers in executing their various movements, such as the muscles and bones in the feet, legs, hands and arms. Muscle cells are in unceasing activity, whether we are awake and active or asleep, performing their part in the various vital processes. Nutrients needed by muscle tissue Although muscle tissue is largely composed of protein, as stated earlier in this lesson, carbohydrates are the most efficient fuel source for both energy and heat. Minerals are needed for proper functioning of the muscles.

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