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By Koichi Tohei

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Aikido is in strict accord with the legislation of nature and provides a extraordinary co-ordination of psychological and actual states. each move calls for consistent perform and excellent co-ordination. This e-book explains intimately Aikidos guiding spirit and the fifty uncomplicated ideas.

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It is quite obvious then that there must be a change in the rules, too. Empty your mind, therefore, of all preconceived notions that you may have had about AIKIDO so that you will be able to receive its principles and accept ils truths. 3. lCuleiJ During Practice Rules posted in the Dojo at AIKIDO headquarters in Tokyo: I} One blow in AIKIDO is capable of killing an opponent. In practice. obey your instructor, and do not make practice a time for needless testing of strength. 2} AIKIDO is an art in which one man learns to face many opponents simultaneously and requires therefore that you polish and perfect your execution of each movement so that yOll can take on not only the one directly before you but also those in every direction around you.

If you were to see him moving about freely as though performing a Japanese dance, throwing young men at will, you would wonder if he is actually such an old man, and be lost in admiration. Of all the many students he has trained, none cun throw him or even lauch him. See Professor Uyeshiba's performance and realize the importance of training the mind. He has a powerful yet serene mind and he advances in his art as he grows older. THAll"ING OF MIND AND BODY In lhe preceding section, I have explained thai mental and can be accomplished b) making mind the master and lewng the explain ho" that functioning of lhe mind affects the body.

Sounds have sound W:lves. and light has light waves. No one will deny that sound and light waves have power. s. The mind has mind waves. The constant functioning of the cerebrum and cerebellum in man generates these mind waves. II is not strange to learn then that the energy of these mind waves creates great power. If }Ou would have your mind function with greater efficiency. you must concentrate your mind waves. not diSSIpate them as when you are trying to think about something to your right as "'ell as (0 your left.

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